Wi-Fi in Halls

Wi-Fi is available in public spaces and most bedrooms within University Halls of Residence.

As well as connecting to the Wi-Fi there are also points where you can connect to the network using an ethernet cable.

Please note, you CANNOT connect home hubs or routers to the network.

Acceptable use

Students must adhere to the University IT regulations when using the University network in Halls, as well as abiding by copyright and licence laws. The network must not be used for illegal purposes. Downloading or sharing access to copyrighted software or other copyrighted materials (including digitised audio files from copyrighted music media and digitised video from copyrighted motion pictures, etc) is prohibited unless specifically authorised by the copyright holder.

Reports of breaches to copyright laws may result in disconnection of the suspected network connection point until the matter has been resolved and can result in the copyright holder taking legal action against the individual.

Wi-Fi printers

Unfortunately, eduroam is not widely supported by Wi-Fi printers. You can use the University printers from your own laptops, tablets and mobiles with our Print Anywhere service.

Games Consoles

Unfortunately, games consoles don't support the eduroam Wi-Fi network. However, you can use them by connecting them using our wired network.

Online gaming is allowed in residence but indivudal user support for getting your console connected is limited. We will investigate problems where we can but if your console does not work "out-of-the-box", try checking the support advice and services for your particular games console.