eduroam provides University staff and students with a secure Wi-Fi connection to the University network, electronic resources, and the Internet. Staff and students can also connect to Wi-Fi and access most of our services when visiting other institutions which are part of the eduroam scheme: for more information, including a list of participating institutions, visit the JISC eduroam website.

By using the University eduroam Wi-Fi service, you agree to abide by the IT Acceptable Use Policy.

To get started with eduroam at the University of Liverpool:

  • 1. Connect to the GuestNet service by choosing GuestNet from the list of available connections on your device

  • 2. Open a web browser, such as Internet Explorer

  • 3. On the page that displays, click the link for staff and students to connect to eduroam

  • 4. Click on the Connect Now button to start the eduroam CAT

  • 5. Follow the steps in the eduroam CAT to configure your device

If you are unable to connect to eduroam using the eduroam CAT then you can follow step-by-step instructions to manually configure your device:

‌If you cannot connect to eduroam using the eduroam CAT on your Android device, then follow the steps below to connect manually.
Please note: steps may vary slightly depending on the make/model of your device and the version of Android that you are using.

Samsung S7 v7.0
The instructions below are based on the Samsung S7. The options you see on your own device may vary slightly from those shown due to the different versions of Android available.

If you cannot connect to eduroam using the Wireless Wizard on your Mac, then follow these steps to connect manually:

Step one: remove any existing connection settings

Step two: manually configure eduroam


Try downloading our mac manual config file: save the file to your desktop and double click it to install and set-up your wireless connection.

If you use Mac 10.10 (Yosemite) you may need to delete the following files from /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration (navigate there from the toolbar: Go > Go to Folder Type, or copy and paste the location):

  • (if there)
  • networkInterfaces.plist preferences.plist

Once you have removed these files, reboot your Mac and connect directly to eduroam.

If you are using an unsupported device we cannot provide support other than by providing the generic settings for you to setup the connection yourself:

Security WPA2 Enterprise
Encryption AES
Authentication 802.1x
Outer Identity
Username <mwsusername>
Password <your mws password>
Domain Leave blank
Certificate Download and install