GuestUoL Wi-Fi

If you are visiting the University you can access the Internet using secure, free, Wi-Fi via the GuestUoL service.

You will need to obtain a temporary username and password from your host department. If you are attending a conference you may also be given GuestUoL account details which will be included within your information pack or on arrival by the conference organiser.

How to connect to GuestUoL

  1. Navigate to your device's Wi-Fi settings 

  2. Select GuestUoL to connect

  3. Ignore any warnings or security alerts as they will resolve once connected

  4. Complete the form that pops up in a web browser once your device is connected

  5. Complete the form with the details provided in the email you received and agree to the terms and conditions for access

  6. You should now be successfully connected to GuestUoL Wi-Fi; click Done to continue 

Please note that the University of Liverpool will not be held responsible for loss or theft of data as a result of using an unencrypted protocol over this network.